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Dating in Kiev

Online chats and dating sites are getting more and more habitual because today we have lots of technological opportunities to contact with people who live in other countries and dating in Kiev is available for everybody in the world. The life changes and so does the most popular way of becoming acquainted – now people prefer Kiev chat to going to a club more and more often and they deserve understanding. We all work hard and get tired so what’s bad in talking to new people while sitting in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea?

Singles from Kiev, Ukraine

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Alfredo from Ukraine 57 y.o.
Happiness by the second Humour is central. I have my opinions, and I keep my word. Challenge is of great importance, but not at any cost. Empathy more than mere survival, Reflection is also central. W…

Age: 57 y/o | Job: Consultant business
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lemerat from Ukraine 41 y.o.
nice friendly man ......................................................................................................................................................................................…

Age: 41 y/o | Job: own buissnes
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Dragomir from Ukraine 45 y.o.
Age: 45 y/o
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Yuliya from Ukraine 38 y.o.
Well I guess every person’s character comes from the way her or his parents are, so I guess I will start with them. I have a great family, my father, mom and my younger sister Katy. Our family is ver…

Age: 38 y/o | Job: Administrative
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Lada from Ukraine 45 y.o.
I am very naïve, and I always believe everything I hear from the person, and I guess it is my main problem, as if the person has lied to me, than I will myself miserable for believing this person, and…

Age: 45 y/o
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Natalya from Ukraine 33 y.o.
Well, as I am a franc person, I will be honest while describing myself. I like being the center of attention, and truly believe that the universe is spinning around me, that was an ironic joke of cour…

Age: 33 y/o
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Olga from Ukraine 43 y.o.
I hate all kind of masks and vanity, that is why I always say the truth right into persons eyes, and this way have earned the reputation of damned wretch. I realize that it is not the best thing I can…

Age: 43 y/o | Job: Arts
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Irisha from Ukraine 37 y.o.
If I look great all the time, than it doesn’t mean that I am in a great health and have no problems at work or at home. It simply means that I have not to show all my weak points, and that I am strong…

Age: 37 y/o | Job: Administrative
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Julia from Ukraine 33 y.o.
I come from a wealthy and respected family, but this thing didn’t make me feel special. I think it is better to be simple, this way people respect you and love you for what you are, instead of loving…

Age: 33 y/o | Job: Arts
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Andreas from Ukraine 55 y.o.
Intelligent, educated, professional, serious, honest, kind, tender,sincere, with good sense of humor and very romantic

Age: 55 y/o | Job: Hotel Management
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Vikusya from Ukraine 27 y.o.
I am the type of person about whom people will always say that she will not grow up, and will always stay a child. I have a young and wild nature, I enjoy being playful, as well as I enjoy being serio…

Age: 27 y/o
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Marina from Ukraine 34 y.o.
I am the girl who was born in order to become a mother and a housewife. As for me it is very important to care about someone. I care a lot about my family, but I am at the point when I want to create…

Age: 34 y/o | Job: Lawyer
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Oksana from Ukraine 30 y.o.
I am very attentive young lady, who it is a shame to say but likes controlling everyone and everything. This habit I developed due to the fact that I was the youngest child in the family, and when I w…

Age: 30 y/o | Job: Tradesman
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Valeriya from Ukraine 24 y.o.
Mm a bit about myself, I have a great smile and a great sense of humor, as I am able to make at least smile any person in the world. It is a fact that I have proved many and many times with different…

Age: 24 y/o | Job: Musician
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Natali from Ukraine 41 y.o.
I am a very thoughtful person, I would rather think seven times before saying, than saying and not keeping my word. Although I am a lady, I live mostly according to the men principles. And it is a sha…

Age: 41 y/o | Job: Other
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Liliya from Ukraine 28 y.o.
A little bit crazy in my great mood all the time, a little bit too naïve due to education I got both from my mom and grandmother (my grandparents live nearby), a little bit too smart for my age, but a…

Age: 28 y/o | Job: Physician
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Nelya from Ukraine 35 y.o.
I am a very romantic nature with a small piece of drama. But the most important thing that characterizes me is that I cherish life. And each new day I am trying to live with a new idea. I am kind and…

Age: 35 y/o | Job: Office Manager
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Ana from Ukraine 31 y.o.
When I am going out I hear a lot of compliments to my beauty, and it is very sad to admit that besides my beauty there is no man around who would notice my inner world, how kind I am, how caring I am,…

Age: 31 y/o | Job: Administrative
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Inna from Ukraine 27 y.o.
I was born in a wonderful family of a teacher and military man. I have two elder brothers who were always pampering me during my childhood, and even now from time to time. My parents are the best exa…

Age: 27 y/o | Job: Student
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Asya from Ukraine 33 y.o.
Some people consider me rough and not all the time consistent due to the fact that I am telling the ugly truth all the time, even if I am not asked to. No matter how wise I get during time, I always t…

Age: 33 y/o | Job: Computer Related
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Elena from Ukraine 34 y.o.
I am a caring nature who is able to see only the best in each person I meet, even if the person I meet is not even aware of those qualities. Life is treating hard; as a result people are becoming stro…

Age: 34 y/o
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Natali from Ukraine 43 y.o.
I am a non conflict person, and usually when I feel a dispute rising, I put all of my efforts in order to settle it down. I believe that any issue can be solved if working upon it properly and patient…

Age: 43 y/o
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Elena from Ukraine 49 y.o.
I am a very sensitive person which is getting hurt easily, I always hated this feature of my character, as it makes me suffer a lot, but I cannot do a lot about it, I think it is just a part of me tha…

Age: 49 y/o | Job: Self-employed
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Lo from Ukraine 26 y.o.
I am looking for love, for an eternal and breathtaking one. I read a lot about this kind of love, but honestly speaking never had the chance to experience it by myself. Through my entire life I work…

Age: 26 y/o
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Valentina from Ukraine 32 y.o.
All my life I was dreaming to become a champion in ice –skating, but the trauma that I got while being on the ice, when I was twelve years old, made me forget about my dream, but it didn’t break my sp…

Age: 32 y/o | Job: Media