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Minsk dating site

There are billions people in the world and if you feel lonely in your city or country we recommend you to find a partner online. For instance, if you are interested in a particular country, you may use advanced search and look for online dating in Belarus. Believe us, you will not regret about spending time here! Different people from different parts of the world will be happy to talk to you – you will learn lots of new things, see new mentality and meet a person you may fall in love with. Just try Minsk personals – you could not even imagine how many quite women live here!

Singles from Minsk, Belarus

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Kristina from Belarus 27 y.o.
I was always swimming in attention from the boys, mostly due to the fact that I am pretty, not for the character for sure, because honestly speaking I have a pretty bad character. I can easily hurt so…

Age: 27 y/o | Job: Finance/Accounting
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Tatyana from Belarus 38 y.o.
I am very talented and artistic; I have a voice that is able to make everyone silent while I sing in the karaoke. I like that my body has curves and enjoy dressing up in skirts and dresses while show…

Age: 38 y/o
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Yulya from Belarus 26 y.o.
I am looking for the person who will love me the way I am: whether I am good or bad, weird, beautiful, or not really (especially in the mornings without make up), kind or not really- but the way I rea…

Age: 26 y/o | Job: Hairdresser
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Katyusha from Belarus 25 y.o.
Well I think I should start with honest statement that I am quite a spoilt child, but only due to the fact that I grew up in a huge family with seven children, where I am the seventh child, while the…

Age: 25 y/o
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Animaida from Belarus 37 y.o.
I am a very correct lady. It is really bothering me the thing that I noticed lately. When did men and women exchanged with their roles? Why do men consider that if they will do something nice for thei…

Age: 37 y/o | Job: Arts
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Ekaterina from Belarus 34 y.o.
I am very ambitious girl. I get everything I want due to working a lot upon my aims and wishes. At school I had my own music band, which I organized and we were pretty famous within the framework of o…

Age: 34 y/o | Job: Administrative
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Lyubov from Belarus 30 y.o.
Sometimes life is treating very cruel, but usually it happens when it is needed to learn some lesson. I was in a relationship for almost three years with a man, and once I came to his home by surpris…

Age: 30 y/o | Job: Office Manager
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Evgeniya from Belarus 40 y.o.
Honestly speaking I think that I am a boring person, because I like when everything is done in a right way, and according to a specific order. For me being spontaneous is simply impossible, as I have…

Age: 40 y/o | Job: Social Worker
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Kate from Belarus 28 y.o.
I am a bit crazy, a bit restless, but always smiling, and ready to help anyone who needs help, even if people do not ask, but I see myself that they do need help. Every morning when I wake up, I say t…

Age: 28 y/o | Job: Advertising/Marketing
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Aleksandra from Belarus 30 y.o.
I like being up to the latest fashion tendencies, as well as I like taking a proper care of myself. My mom taught me a long time ago that even when I want to go outside in order to through the garbage…

Age: 30 y/o
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Anna from Belarus 35 y.o.
I am very romantic; I think I am the most romantic person this earth has ever known, as I see signs in everything. Since being a little girl I made myself an image of the man I would like to meet (at…

Age: 35 y/o | Job: Arts
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Zoya from Belarus 34 y.o.
I am an extrovert person, as since my childhood I am completely not able to hide my emotions or feelings everything is treacherously written on my face. Maybe it is a good thing from one side, but fro…

Age: 34 y/o | Job: Student
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Svetka from Belarus 25 y.o.
I think the movie “Gone with Winds” have influenced a lot upon my character, as I decided that this is the ideal behavior for a lady. Well honestly speaking the more I grew up and were getting wiser…

Age: 25 y/o
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Viktoriya from Belarus 25 y.o.
Mmm, if describing myself in one word I would say –kind. I remember at school I were a sort of Robin Hood for girls, as I was always fight the evil-boys who were pulling their hair, or making some oth…

Age: 25 y/o | Job: Student
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Anya from Belarus 31 y.o.
I am a strong combination of self-assurance with purposefulness, I have so many ideas and goals in my life that I certainly need to achieve, and that of course I will certainly achieve with dew effort…

Age: 31 y/o | Job: Finance/Accounting
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Olga from Belarus 32 y.o.
If asking my friends to characterize me than they would probably say that I am stylish and catchy, funny but those really are the things that really make me the person I am. Even I wouldn’t say cleare…

Age: 32 y/o | Job: Finance/Accounting
Send PM Status: offline 1580 days    
hanody from Belarus 53 y.o.
Age: 53 y/o | Job: Engineer and a contractor