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Best hookup rules: things you need to know before getting laid

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Things to know before getting laid: best hookup guide for beginners

With hookup culture getting increasingly popular these days, it’s important to have the right idea about this form of relationships. Casual sex is no taboo in a progressive society, everyone is free to have a sexual life they want. Everyone is free to have a long lasting relationship with serious commitments or short flings with no strings attached whatsoever. However, there are still norms and rules to follow if you’re interested in hooking up. Let’s discuss the best hookup rules one should be aware of when getting laid.

You shouldn’t deceive anyone

Whether you met a person face to face on via a dating app, one thing to remember is you should always be honest about your intentions. Don’t waste a person’s time if you’re interested in nothing more than a short fling. Hurting someone’s feeing is not the way to go about the whole hookup thing. And why would you do that at all? There are plenty of people, both men and women, who are interested in casual sex with no obligations, so isn’t it easier to find a match among them? This way you’ll have the best hookup without voice of conscience whispering to you what a bastard you are.

Don’t hesitate to ask

Sometimes to may feel just too awkward or embarrassing to ask a person to hookup with you. You are not sure they will like the idea. The thing is, you’ll never know if you don’t ask. After all, what are you losing? It’s not someone from your immediate surroundings, and even if they don’t accept your offer and think you’re a freak, how is it going to affect your life? Most probably you’ll never see them ever again. But if you ask, it’s always possible that planets will happen to be on your side and person will say yes. Don’t lose the chance of having the best hookup in your life because of some silly inhibitions.

Take all the precautions before meeting a person for the first time

Basically, you shouldn’t disclose you physical address to a person you’ve met for the first time. Drive to your destination yourself or use public transport. Tell your friends or family members where you are going and where they should look for you just in case. Casually mention to a person you’re hooking up with that other people know where you are. Of course, it’s recommended to meet a person once or twice before hooking up, but if you’re interested in a one night stand, that may feel like an unnecessary burden.

Communication is key

Even though you’re likely to minimize talking to as little as possible when hooking up with someone (after all, you have more important things to do!), discussing your likes and dislikes is not a bad idea. What you should do is casually mention a few fantasies and desires you can’t imagine good sex without. Of course, you shouldn’t turn it into a boring monologue when things just started to heat up between the two of you and you would rather be n bed doing things, but if you feel a partner might not like your preferences, it’s recommended to test the waters beforehand.

If certain things are unacceptable for you during a sexual intercourse, you can casually mention them, too. Encourage your partner to say a couple of words about their preferences, too.

Don’t pretend to be someone else

Even if it’s for a short fling, don’t pretend to be someone else. Stay true to yourself – it will give you more satisfaction if a person enjoys to get laid with you instead of that imaginary character you’re trying to imitate. If you feel like adding a bit of imagination to the whole thing, do it by all means.

But don’t do it only because you feel the real you are not good enough. If you don’t have any experience hooking up, just say so if they ask you – there is nothing wrong with it and no one expects you to be a casual sex guru. And of course, telling boastful stories would be a very foolish thing to do. Why would you waste your time bragging instead of getting doing something way more rewarding and interesting?

Avoid talking about serious things

It’s normal to talk after getting laid. But you should keep in mind that it’s just a hookup and it’s better to avoid serious things. Don’t touch upon feeling, family, career or relationships. It’s not your girlfriend or boyfriend you are talking to, so don’t let your endorphins dictate terms. A person next to you is hardly interested in anything serious.

They are there to have fun and relax, just like you. If both of you start talking about serious things, you put yourself in danger of getting emotionally involved. And this is something you don’t expect form a hookup. The moment you catch yourself discussing your loneliness, problem with your parents, or childhood traumas, stop it immediately, or get prepared to bear the consequences.

These are just a few rules to stick to when planning the best hookup in your life. Have fun!

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