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4 mistakes to avoid when setting up your profile on a free dating app

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Most common profile mistakes on a free dating app

If you manage to set up a winning profile on a free dating app, you’re halfway to success. However, putting together a decent introduction that would inspire a person to get to know you is more challenging than one may think. Here we’ve listed several mistakes to avoid when setting up your online dating profile.

Skipping out on writing a bio

There are so many people on dating sites who don’t think it’s necessary to write anything in their bio. Perhaps they rely on their basic info and profile photos, or simply don’t give too much importance to a verbal introduction.

However, doing so is a huge mistake. If a person is not sure whether they like your pictures, they read your profile in order to make a final decision. If your bio field is empty, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get a message from this person. A detailed and informative profile maximizes your chances of meeting your perfect match.

You can’t imagine how irritating it is to see “Ask me if you’re curious” in someone’s bio. You’ve already been asked – that’s why there is this profile field in the first place. If you don’t know what to say, write about your character traits, a person you’d like to meet, about your education and occupation, and about things you like to do for fun. Let your potential match know what you’re really passionate about.

Mention your favourite books, movies, songs or travel experiences. There are so many things to talk about. Skipping out on writing a bio is like admitting you’re too boring and colourless, and it’s not worth talking about you. Admit it, this is not the kind of person one would like to meet on a dating site.

Uploading the wrong sort of profile photos

You won’t believe it, but even if you think you look great in a profile photo, it can actually be a big turn-off for the free dating app’s members. Here are a few types of pictures you should avoid when setting up your online dating profile:

Photos with hats, helmets and sunglasses

First of all, your face should be clearly visible and recognizable. Don’t hide it with accessories, otherwise a person may think you really have something to hide. People are likely to respond if they see a smiling, trustworthy face with a pleasant expression.

Pictures that imply you’re still in a relationship

Posting a picture with you ex on a dating site is a big no no. Firstly, members may get an impression that you’re still in a romantic relationship. Or even if you’re not, they may think you still have tender feelings for a person you hug in the photo. Besides, your potential match may think you’re simply bragging about how good-looking you ex was. Needless to say, this sort of strategy doesn’t improve your chances of meeting someone special on a free dating app.

Selfies in a bathroom mirror

For some mysterious reason, these photos are rather popular on dating sites, but they’re actually quite repulsive and distasteful. Women, in particular, hate seeing a man’s bathroom selfie, especially if a sink or even a toilet shows in the photo. If you like mirror selfies so much, choose a location wisely. Bathrooms have very little to do with romance and dating.

Group photos

If you post a group photo on your dating profile, you’re kind of implying that a person is supposed to date all the people in this photo. Doesn’t sound very appealing, right? That’s why you should avoid uploading this sort of pictures when using a free dating app. If you think you look particularly handsome in this photo, try to cut yourself out.

Needless to say, there shouldn’t be anyone’s hand on your shoulder or around your waist. Better still, take a new picture of yourself. Present day technologies allow one take hundreds of pictures within minutes, and you’re sure to choose a good one out of these hundreds.

If you’re not sure you can take a decent photo, ask your friend to help you out, or use the services of a photographer in a professional photo studio. Even if it sound like too much trouble to take, your efforts are definitely going to pay off when using a free dating app.

Pictures of celebrities, flowers or pets

Needless to say, you shouldn’t replace your photo with a picture of a movie star, flower from you garden or your favourite pet. This is so ridiculous that we won’t elaborate.

Complaining about online dating

If you join a free dating app, avoid complaining about the whole online dating scene. You shouldn’t say anything “I don’t believe it actually works” or “I’m not sure what I’m doing here”. Perhaps you’re afraid of being judged for using dating sites in hope of finding someone special.

As if you’re such a loser that it’s impossible for you to find a soul mate in your immediate surroundings. Well, simply put, no one is going to judge you. In the world of today, people deliberately search for partners online in order to broaden their horizons. No one likes to be limited by geographic borders.

People look for soul mates not only in their home town, but all around the country, or even abroad. With the advent of the internet, the planet is growing increasingly smaller, and one can easily find a perfect match in another country or even a continent. So it’s strongly recommended to use the potential of online dating instead of complaining about it on a free dating app.

Lying or exaggerating

If you want to establish a special connection with someone compatible, it’s essential to be honest about who you are. You’re not going to correspond forever. When you finally meet your special someone in person, they might be disappointed to discover than you’re ten centimetres shorter, thirty kilograms heavier, and twenty years older.

If you’re a nurse, no need to pretend being a doctor. If you’ve never been outside your country, don’t claim to be an experienced traveller. If a person wants to be with, they will be with you for who you are.

As you can see, it’s not so difficult to follow these simple rules. Keep them in mind when using a free dating app! And best of luck in your searches!

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